It's What's Inside That Counts

It’s what’s inside that counts. REZ stands apart from common sports drinks because of what goes in it. REZ Restoration Beverage is plant based and includes 100mg of both glucosamine and turmeric. Glucosamine is a natural chemical compound found in the body. Glucosamine has been known to keep up the health of cartilage which cushions your bones. Turmeric is a plant that grows in Asia and Central America. Turmeric is used to treat inflammatory conditions, skin diseases, wounds, digestive ailments, and liver conditions. One bottle of REZ will provide you with 70% of your daily Vitamin C, 130% of your daily Niacin B3,  and 250% of your daily B12 among others. What won’t you find in a bottle of REZ? Sugar! Common sports drinks contain over 50g of sugar per bottle. All that sugar can lead to weight gain, tooth decay, heart problems, and much more. Additionally, there is no caffeine in REZ. Too much caffeine can result in insomnia, nervousness, restlessness, irritability, an upset stomach, a fast heartbeat and even muscle tremors. REZ delivers all the benefits of plant based glucosamine and turmeric, as well as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. REZ is a great way to start the day, end the day and everything life throws at you in between. Drink REZ and your body will thank you!