The Added Value of Plant-Based Glucosamine

Glucosamine is a featured ingredient in REZ, and a valuable, naturally occurring compound in the human body, where it helps us to rebuild cartilage. If you play basketball, cycle, run, or go for other high stress work-out activities, then now is the time to start taking care of your joints and rebuilding that essential cartilage cushion you need. The kind of glucosamine found in REZ is pure and plant-based, as opposed to the more common animal-based source that’s a by-product of the global shellfish industry While both sources provide health benefits, plant-based glucosamine has some health-related bonuses:

  • Vegetarian and vegan-friendly

  • Fewer allergens compared to shellfish products

  • Kosher-friendly

Plant-based glucosamine allows those with shellfish allergies, or those with dietary restrictions, to access the same joint-health benefits of the compound.  So pick up some REZ to enjoy all of its health benefits, worry-free.