The Risks of Artificial Sweeteners

REZ is a great choice because it contains no sugar and is naturally sweetened, unlike high-calorie sodas packed with sugar.  But what about compared to diet sodas, another sugar-free option?  While similarly low in calories and sugar, diet drinks rely on artificial sweeteners like sucralose and aspartame for taste.  While there may be caloric advantages, there are still health risks associated with daily consumption of artificial sweeteners.

Here are some negatives:

-Promotes replacing calories through other sources

-Promotes craving for more sweets

-Greater risk for metabolic syndrome

-Greater risk for type 2 diabetes

-Possible addictive qualities

Because artificial sweeteners are more potent than normal sugar, they can increase your tolerance for sweet foods over time, leading to cravings.  While diet drinks may be low in calories and sugar, their added ingredients can create diet complications in the future.  Instead, stick to naturally sweetened beverage options like REZ for a healthier choice!