Drink REZ: Benefits of Vitamin B2

REZ is an optimal restoration beverage because it’s loaded with natural ingredients that help return your body to peak levels.  Just one of the many vitamins found in the beverage is Vitamin B2, with 120% DV in one bottle.  So how does it play a role in this restoration process?  Here are some of the benefits:

·      Helps maintain healthy blood cells

·      Works to boost energy levels

·      Promotes healthy metabolism

·      Aids skin and eye health

·      Converts nutrients from food to useable energy

Vitamin B2 is a versatile ingredient that serves as both an antioxidant and an energy-booster.  When paired with other B vitamins found in the drink, these metabolism-boosting, digestion-aiding benefits really get to work.  It’s just one of the many vitamins and minerals found in REZ that keeps your body running clean!