Rez- The Lifestyle & The Drink

REZ is more than just an energy drink, it is a low calorie restoration beverage. 

Recovery Brands, LLC created REZ and is a pioneer of the restoration beverage movement.

What is a restoration beverage?


Lets start with what it is NOT- 

  • It is NOT just a Sports Beverage that increases your electrolytes 
  • It is NOT a high calorie drink 
  • It does NOT increase heart-rate
  • NOT artificially flavored
  • It does NOT have caffeine 
  • It does NOT have sugar

Now for what it IS- 

  • It IS made with plant based Glucosamine & Turmeric
  • It IS made with antioxidants  
  • It IS 10 calories per bottle
  • It IS made with ZERO sugar but is naturally sweetened 
  • It IS made with NO caffeine 
  • It IS vegan
  • It IS Kosher 
  • It IS Non-GMO Certified 

Our restoration beverage restores, rejuvenates and is used for recovery. This recovery could be after a long day at the office, after taking care of the kids all day, after playing video games or even can just be enjoyed while watching Netflix. 


Rez delivers all the benefits of plant based glucosamine and turmeric, as well as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants (vitamins C & E), helping you restore and refresh from any and all your daily activities. 

REZ is great to start the day, end the day and everything life throws at you in between. 

Drink REZ. Your body will thank-you.